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You probably have questions. Good news. We have answers!

What makes Project Roots programming different than all the others?
    1. Pre-tested at an affiliate!
    2. The entire Project Roots team coaches classes weekly and also takes group class! #Leadfromthefront
    3. Eight years experience running an affiliate and the experience of running group classes this way.
    4. Highly skilled coaches.
    5. WOD plans timestamped to the minute. Never run over on your classes again!
    6. Integrated Benchmark Series.
    7. Skill work with simple, short videos for coaches.
    8. Delivered on the elegant and professional SugarWOD App.
    9. We’re not flashy, we’re not gimmicky. We stand for results bred through well-thought, elegant programming, combined with hard work, consistency, and quality coaching.
Do you program partner workouts?
We sure do! Not all the time, but we do throw them in the mix, often on the weekends.
Do you program any cycles, mesocycles, or change the programming leading up to The Open?
Nope! And we don’t believe in them for 99% of the population. While cycles are good for those that want to bias strength, they don’t necessarily out-perform just general GPP with strength in appropriate doses particularly … assuming the goal is GPP. The majority of people at affiliates they just need one, good workout a day, maybe a little skill work… and then repeat that process for years with potentially some self-modulation to take rest periods as they need it.

We also really don’t do phases either although the skill work is definitely geared towards improving Open skills (but really, it’s the skills that everyone needs to improve (i.e., muscle-ups, C2B, T2B, etc)).

What if my gym is closed on Sundays?
No problem! The beauty of SugarWOD is that moving programming around is quite easy. If your gym is closed one day a week, we recommend that you view the week in advance and decide which workout you will skip. Delete that workout from the calendar and then slide the workouts to the appropriate days you are open.
Do I have to sign a contract?
We want you to follow Project Roots programming because you like it and believe in it! Affiliates are billed on a monthly recurring basis and can cancel at any time.
What if I don’t have a lot of ergs or other piece of equipment?
Shoot us an email and we can help figure out a solution. The beauty of our programming is that you can tailor it to the needs of your gym. And we’re here to help. We’ve coached a 200 athlete gym in a 2000 square foot space with 6 ergs before. Let us help you figure it out!
My gym isn’t a very Competitive gym. Is this programming good for them?
Great! Neither is ours. Our programming is designed for the everyday athlete who wants to get fit, grow as an athlete, and have fun doing it.
Do you offer a Competitor program?
We sure do! You can view information on this add-on here.
When do I get the workouts in SugarWOD?
We publish the workouts in two-week increments. Workouts are delivered on SugarWOD one week prior to the start of the next two weeks of programming.
What is the Benchmark Series?
My gym has levels for scaling workouts. How will that work with Project Roots programming?

Each element is scaled separately in Project Roots because we find not everyone scales uniformly. That is, someone might need to scale pull-ups, but not pistols. Nevertheless, the scaling options provided can be easily mixed and matched to create set combinations of scaling that work best at your affiliate. 

Do you have a question that isn’t listed here?

Email us at and we’ll get back to you ASAP!