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Now that you know the workouts for the 2019 Benchmark Series, the next step is to work on buy-in from your athletes! The Benchmark Series is a great way to athletes to track progress over the course of a year.

Here are three easy ways to promote buy-in from your athletes:

  1. Repost the following two blogs:
    1. The 2019 Benchmark Series: The Process
    2. Announcing Project Roots’ 2019 Benchmark Series Workouts!
  2. Share with your members how to participate and when the workouts will happen! You can copy and paste the text below to do so – just put it in a blog post or on your social media or have your coaches talk to athletes after class!
  3. At the beginning of each week, put up an announcement on SugarWOD that tells athletes what day of the week the Benchmark Series workout will occur. This will help athletes be able to make the extra effort to get to the gym on that day.

How to Participate.

Participation is quite simple. Come to class, do the workout, log your score. At the end of the year, you’ll have 12 workouts in which you’ll have 2-3 scores from throughout the year. This is a great way to drive progress and accountability.

You’ll know the benchmarks for the year and we’ll TELL you when they’re coming up in the programming (yes, that’s new for this year!). Be sure to log your score in SugarWOD and take detailed notes as you’ll want to track your progress over the course of the year. SugarWOD will automatically link the scores and results of your workout so you can easily recall past notes, data, and scaling options.

When Do the Workouts Happen?

Each of the 12 workouts is repeated 3 times throughout the year, or once every 4 months. We incorporate the 4 benchmarks to be tested each month into the programming for that month.

Wait, What Are The Workouts?!

See Here!